Not so keen on the idea at the moment

When I launched this blog, I was all hot and horny to go grey, until I saw a New Year’s Eve photo of myself with my hair pulled back and the “grey line” or “grey matter” appearing…OMG… did it really look like that? I need to make an appointment with my hairdresser tout de suite! How on earth can I hang out with my fair lady friends, aka blonde and brunette pals, looking like this? Will I look like the old lady in the pack??

I think I need the hairdresser’s advice or Plan B, because this look is not the one I am going for!


Silver is Sexy. Grey is sexy.

I am challenging myself to accept my natural greys and silvers. Follow me as I pursue a transition to hair colour, au natural, free of the six week hair dye and highlights routine.

This is a journey of my trek to becoming dye free and becoming a Silver Sister!

Wish me well!

Stay tuned!